Hi friends

I arrived after a plane and bus ride to Mahendranagar, where I start walking tomorrow towards Lumbini. Is about 430 to 500 km.

Leaving Ladakh I had to face some issues.  The plane was cancelled. My travel agent from Nepal was informed but he did not get the info to me. I had to buy another ticket, more expensive and extra by another air company. I could not fly later, because my Visa was running out. If I get the money back (for the first ticket) is not clear yet.

At the Nepalese border I had to face another issue…. the border officer did not accept some of my U.S. dollars because they had some very little damage, I even did not realize before. So they charged an extra enormous fee for my Indian Rupies….

I stayed very calm in both cases. …

From a friend in Germany I received the message, that Mooji is coming next year to Rishikesh (13.2.-10.3.2019). I feel I want to intent that retreat…. brings all my plans for the first quarter of the year up side down….. but also happy (he did not come last year when it seemed to be more appropriate. …)

Aparna decided not to join in…..

….. everything seems to be manageable…..

From now on its again easier to reach me… internet is available easier than in Ladakh….😊😊😊

….in a good mood….




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