Lalang, Demul and Komic

I am so happy that I choosed this route. Sempa Dorje guided me to do so. It’s a bit challenging, especially the 2nd day from Lalung to Demul, when it goes steep up. But the way is good done, even partly constructed,  just for humans and animals.
It comes up from Dankhar 3.900m, Lalung 3.700m,  Demul 4.190m, Komic 4.587m. But I am not convinced by the correctness of the elevation meters. To Komic it felt much easier than altitude let’s guess.
The view is everywhere spectacular.

The village women in Lalung celebrated a mantra Shanting by circleling clockwise around the temple. (Also very beautiful temple with lots of statues with need of renovation). Later they sat down having tea and cookies while continuing the prayers, also by using prayer chain and prayer wheels.

All the income of the homestays in Demul get shared in the community. There is a coordinater who comes in the morning with a book, collects the money. And everyone’s seems very happy with the solution.

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