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Better buildings for the Himalayas
The new monestary in Dankhar has two temple. Non of them was open. I asked one of the 60 monks, why? ‚Because it’s to cold. We have puja always in the kitchen. Only in July and August the temple is open….‘ Same in Komic. It’s just to cold to use the main temple ‚We use the temple only 3 month, in June, July and August‘
In this area the cold tempretures are a big problem. Maybe more solar energy would help, but I think a different type of modern building is more the solution, where the sun heats up the buildings. All winter and summer long it’s mostly sunny.

2nd time to Leh
Here and there I get asked, why I go to Leh the second time. When I talk how everything developed through an inside, I still get goose bumps.

The ideas of building different buildings in northern Germany, when I return from the peace walk feels kind of concrete, but it’s still in the vision stage. Further though I don’t have any experience in building something, even not a tiny house….even though I do not have any money…..and I do not want to owe anything….
Nothing of that what I want to build shall be mine…. it has to be for the public good….
The vision I have until now
…. a peace stupa maybe in the ocean/fjord
…. a meditation hall close by the stupa
…. a vipassana center
…. a light temple for silence and toning
…. a silence place for around the clock 24/7
All in the area Angeln, between Flensburg, Kappeln und Schleswig
…. and there is more, not that concrete, but also there….
It feels big…. But we know, challenges are good… But I don’t want to do it because of challenges, neather anything for myself….. I will be just the channel…..

Circeling clockwise
As I mentioned,  the Love and Compassion mantra ‚om mani padme hum‘ is the mantra in Tibetan Buddhism. There are also ‚om mani padme hum‘-stones. Some very old, some younger or new. They lay often in hundreds or thousands on special places close to temples or other places. The mantra reciting is also done around this places. Something I did not realize until 10 or 15 days. Sometimes this places are in a middle of a street. And sometimes, they build the street in such a way, that you can always drive clockwise around. ….

Last year this ‚om mani padme hum‘ mantra enchanted itself in myself. This year this did not happen yet. Curious. ….

My Sandals are nearly broken. The sole is nearly gone, so that the upper klipper, which is fixed inside the sole is visable from underneath….
Kaza, the next small town, but Spiti capital can hopefully help. One day and 20km away. Maybe getting a new sole, maybe getting new sandals….
These pair I have from Tarald from Norway, met him in Greece in summer 2016, they carried me already 4.800 km.
It’s always hard to say goodbye to sandals, when you can walk so good in them…..

Again I discussed this topic, when Aparna was here. Really interesting topic. I am kind of fine with my counted age since birth in years. In the other hand I don’t agree with the fact, that the cells renew themselves from a specific age slower. This I can’t allow, even though it happens. But, as I don’t allow illnesses to manifest, and I did often with different starting issues, I can’t allow this unneeded aging process to happen….. so as a sign to my mind and system, I will still continue to count my age backwards – and it feels soo good. Now I am 51!!!

Aparnas daughter Vedangi
is starting her world record attempt on 15th of June in Perth/Australia. Vedangi, 19, will cycle with her bicycle 29.000km in 100 days around the world as youngest women to do so. Blessings to Vedangi and her parents Aparna and Vivek. All are present in Perth, when she starts.

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