Aparna Aria in Dankhar

Already in the evening Aparna arrived by Taxi. We meet on the street in upcoming darkness. Joy is big to see each other and I guide her to the room. The Isralies and Marina from Argentina, now as well in Dankhar, which I met earlier have there last evening in Tenzins homestay and we are invited to be there. Aparna has only her woolen half jacket with her and we have to climb some steep area in the dark up close to the fort. Aparna needs my hand not to slip down and for inner safety. The evening is great and she is so happy to walk back to our room later on, after 4 days travelling and little sleep on busses and train. But 400m of walking on a dirt road have to be done after there. She needs again my hand to manage and I think she is a bit surprised  (or even shocked) how the conditions are.

Because some of the restaurants in Dankhar are relatively costly I found a nice Dhaba to have breakfast. It seemed very long until we had our food ready and after 1 1/2h we were just ready to go, when Aparna started a intensiv conversation with the owners lady, which is also teacher at the monks boys school. I did not know what the conversation was, but I lost interest in waiting after 10 min, told her that I will wait at the closed by old monastery where I wanted to show her around. Aparna just quit her teachers job and now she is asked, to coach or even teach here.
The afternoon we slept, she still super exhausted, I a bit, and Aparna had also acclimate to the high. For tomorrow I had planed to get her to a mountain lake 250m more up.

The next day she really had a appointment at the monks boys school and stayed until afternoon. She had told, to my surprise, that she did not want to go up to the lake. She had even breathing problem from our room to the Dhaba. But I went. The beginning was a bit hard, but then it was not so steep anymore and I enjoyed it so so so much. At the lake a stupa stands in the wild. A little bit more up a view point with some prayer flags. Soooo beautiful. After a while I decided to get Aparna here. I went down to the village with exitement and fully convinced, if needed, to push her up here. Down in the village I could not find her. (Later I found out, I went to the wrong school). When she showed up, the still did not want to get up there and had some news. She did not want to walk with me, instead of staying for 10 days in the village, coaching and teaching…..

Next morning, she had more news. She had a dream. Also she said, she does not like teaching anymore. Now she will go home again. …… ok….. surprise
After informing everyone whom she promised to, it felt like escaping, fleeing…. suddenly she sat in a taxi to Kaza…….
No time to show her the nice pictures from the mountain lake area anymore, without breakfast she escaped…..

The days later I often thought about her…. I am proparbly to optimistic, that she have could managed the pathes I walked….. also sad, that she could not accept the alternates, I had offered her, to enjoy this beauty of Spiti……. Anyway, I took her with me, in my steps……

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