The way of the heart

The journey continues. After some km two different ways. One is towards Alchi, a old monestary close to the Indus. One is along the main road. I kind of feel attracted to see Alchi, but it’s early and it’s not far and it would mean, to stay in Alchi….. I ask my heart, what to do, and I am so surprised that we continue on the main road. After some 100m I feel clearly, it’s so right to do so. After passing beautiful village Saspol, where I had some more tomatoes under a nice tree at a good care taking place, I see to my big surprise a big mulberry tree.  And it has fruits. Ripe fruits at the 2nd of September?!!! I know Mulberries from the middle east, where they get ripe in Mai , June or July,  depends on the area. But that late in the year, I have never seen a mulberry tree having fruits. And I love tgem soo much. It seem no-one is interested to harvest some or dry them…. a car stands underneath and is fully covered with all the berrys, which glue, if there are to ripe.

At a army base, where I shortly rested, after a long walk today, I suddenly see Kesava from south India, a bicycle rider. We quickly become friends and he walked with me through this 3 km army camp to Nimmu,  where we rented a cheap reduced room.

A little bit cold evening. And it has snowed in the 5000m mountains. Does it effect the walk through the passes or is that just a cold week. Later i hear, the Monsun in India there days further south is so strong these days, so many flooding. So maybe some of the to many clouds came just over…..

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