Indus and Kaltse

In Lamayuru I met a very nice chinese guy. He mentioned, that I also could leave the road to hike on sideways. But I decided to stay on the road, first I do not need another adventure, but mainly I wanted to walk more at the Indus. The road went spectacular in a zic zak steep down into a kind of canyon. And then continued for a while in that narrow valley, until it totally opens up into the wide Indus valley. Something attracks to the river. What, I don’t have a clue.
In Kaltse I found a nice house to stay. From that side I was coming the village was a bit unorganized, but had even a try of a small industrial area. Through all the little poor houses, I could look through some area with a good looking yellow house beside some big stupas. No question that I could stay, ‚how many days will you be here?‘ The nephew Jimmed of my host is one of 4 kids, which she takes care of. She is the sister of one of the parents who are working in Leh. Jimmed is 12 and has already a artist name born from the sound of his name G.Me!!! He draws fantastic portraits. Always he draws boys in Manga style and with long hair hanging in the face. He by himself is not allowed by his teachers to have long hair, but he would love. If the hair of the boys is to long he just comes and cut it back to 2cm.
As I leave the house I am so surprised to see around a mountain corner a big offering on shops and restaurant’s. Everything is suddenly there. Everything for what I was looking for the last days. Fruits, nuts, good warm food…… With this abundance I have to stay a bit. I have some apricots and hot water.
Coming newly out of town a internet cafe. Uuuuh. I could stay all day long and write the blog. But internet is not working. Next year they say, it will be better.
Somehow the Indus is kind of magic, but what is it? Some stone? …..???
The weather is a bit cloudy, fresh here and there some little rain.
The 84year old Ladakh lady and topfit, who is my next host, is praying later in the evening, while others prepair the dinner, with her prayer wheels. Prayer wheels are lots used in Tibetan Buddhism, as big wheels on the street, or smaller ones often to find close to the monasteries or this hand prayer wheels. They have all papers with prayers inside and it’s believed, when you turn the wheels, the prayers get spread around. The hand prayer wheels are helping also to concentrate so you can focus better. This last has two different kind of hand prayer wheels. One is silver and one is kupper/gold. Using the different types makes also a different effect. There are 7 different metals used for prayer wheels.

Again and again I am resting at the Indus. I don’t make it towards Saspol today as planed. It rains first and then, a little later I feel stopped a Eco village in Tokpo. I am invited to stay to nights. I get a little cabin. Internet for the blog, no….. So I use all the time for resting. After breakfast the next day I move back to my cabin, on my bed and realize how good a massage could be now. So I decide to give it to myself. I kind of see a spiritual lightful hand that moves over my body. Everywhere where I need a stimulation, the hand does with my concentration what I need. So I move all the back down, spot by spot. Also shoulders, legs and head I treat. I even learn some new graps who are done, so I can use for others later. After the treatment I fall in a deep relaxing sleep. I repeat the treatmen two more times and two more time I fall in a deep sleep afterwards. Thsts how I spend all the day, until dinner.

A little group of 4 is also 2 days guest in the Eco hotel. One of them is the Ladakhi guide.  We start sharing about Kashmir and Ladakh and India and so on and he gives me some more information. ‚Some time ago the Kashmiries made a campaigne against the minorities of Hindies in Kashmir. The Hindus felt after a while not safe anymore and gathered and decided to leave there home land Kashmir. Now Indian government changed, a Hindu party is on power and Kashmir feels some ‚karma‘ coming back through getting more controlled through Indian army.‘

Then he reports about Muslims in Ladakh. ‚In Leh we allowed the Muslims to build all together four mosque, because we believe in freedom of relegions and everyone should be happy. But in Kargil, where he Buddhist are in minority, the one little temple, the Buddhist wanted to renovate – no allowness.‘ ‚Also Muslims believe that we are dirty, they don’t consider us as clean‘

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