to Leh

It’s still 36 km to Leh. So I say good bye to Kesava. I will see him tomorrow. I can’t walk that far and I started the day to late for this.

After seing the Zanskar river flowing into the Indus the street went up to Magnetic Hill. After I thought, I am on the top, the street went more and more up, km by km. What a illusion. Finally on the top, the view so far. clouds on the sky, but a view so clear, reaching at least 40 km. And a long way down. And it took time. I walked slow, as mostly, but when the evening came no privat house arised.  Only military after military camp, army camp after army camp. There was no privat house to find to finish the day. A Sikh temple. People praying inside. I thought to myself, I will go a little further, because they need some time to finish. I also saw through the door a Krishna picture. All the praying has to be towards inside, towards us all inner god-self.  Images outside have us only to remind that they are the mirrors, to look inside. Mirrors to show us into what we can wake up, into what we can realize. Doing that way, the prayers get very effective….
I come to a shop. They sent me to the next monastery,  But there, it’s already dark, I can’t knock anywhere, and to both sides of the road, not ending 15 km long military basis. Not to believe. Is that really, what Leh needs???? Do there have to be so many soldiers and camps. I kind of doubt. But I have no choise. I can’t ask anywhere. Fences and walls all along the way. So I end up in Leh, everything dark, no electricity….. at 22h. I book a room again for a cheaper rate. Puh. ..

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