Thomas writes:

Looking back of everything we experienced in Romania, means also, looking back, if someone contacted Lucian. I wrote something about him on the 28.8.2012  and realising, nowbody of the readers jet got in connection with him, to help him a bit or a lot. Yesterday I contacted him and ask him if he could write something about him…. and further down, you see, what he answered. In very short sentences he discribes his family situation.
He is living in a poverty, his father dont earn any money, the mother is earning something like 70 Euro per month and the house nearly crackes down.
I want to remember you, that he want to study later on in Finland, Ireland or Germany to become a better expert in the IT world. And maybe supporting means not only to send him money, it means also to be a kind of hope for him, maybe a mentor to find out of his trouble world step by step. He is 15 now, and maybe helping him could also mean, to help him later, when he starts to study.
What I see in him is that he really want to change his situation, he is looking for a different future, than he would have without his vision of his life.
What I also remember, Annelie told me, when we were still in Hateg: He startet to go to the church since on year, praying,  and he said, since than his life really changed.  Soooooooo…… would be wonderful, somebody of you could feel a call…… contact him!!!!
With lots of heartwishes!!  Thomas

          Dear Lucian,

could you please write something about you? How is the situation in your live. What is your family situation. What would you like to change. What are your plans for the future. What kind of help could you need. and so on.
And a picture would be good. Like to put everything again in the blog. Hope to find somebody for you who can help you.
All the best to you.
Reached today Bulgaria.
(and this it is, what he answered)
we have a bad situation our house looks bad walls craked we don’t have too much food 🙁 my family dosen’t have a work my father has 65 years and my mom goes to work to win so less money 300lei that means in or euros 60-70 on month


Name:Iuhasz Lucian
Street Adress:Street Raul Galebna Number 20
Town:Hateg,Romania Postal Code : 335500

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