Full of surprises

Full of surprises

To continue walking I have to get bus and taxi, because during my stay in Shillong, and because of Covid19 everything is so complicated, I thought it would be a good idea, to walk some distance in advance. I did only 15km, so that needs to be covered up by transportation.
Evening in Mawryngkneng there is happily and surprisingly a room for me. The government builded a restaurant here. People were asking also for accommodation, so they have also put up some rooms now. Negotiations with the price and I ended up in a window free room. Blankets had to be changed, because of intensiv moldy and super intense alcohol smells. Uuuhh. But the people were very nice and helpful.

Next day 19km
I still have to go some way more up. During afternoon the street is on the highest here and goes almost on top of the mountain range. In the sunny weather suddenly clouds appear from the north. Walking towards east I am blessed to witness, that these clouds just reach the top of the mountain, so suddenly I walk in the clouds, but to the south everything until the next mountain range, is visible in full sunlight. I am just only happy to witness. Joyful happiness with touching goosebumps. (Freudentaumel)
Jowai, the next district town is a bit away from my route. At a bypass junction there is a hotel at the lake. But rates are between 30 and 65 Euros (2500-5000 Rupies plus tax) Thats not really in my budget. Ok, I could do that once…. There is another hotel, I hear, 1.6km away towards Jowai. Already a bit exhausted, it’s already dark, I turn towards that new destination. Same game, also a expensive one. Again ‚but not very far away, there will be a cheaper one‘. Google maps shows me 2.1km…. A bit on the way, I nearly turn back to the first one, but my body somehow turns towards Jowai. So sick of the situation, that I always have to stay in hotels, that people are anxious, that I have to walk so far, that hotel owners also do not offer me here and there a free place…..
I arrive at Restwell Guest House. The owner Duplain says, normally also 1500 Rupies. But he will take only 500 Rupees from me. Also if I stay longer there will be only a charge of 500 Rupees, all together. Great. He understands. Very nice room. Warm shower (I did not have for 3 1/2 month). Everthing is clean. Wow. And nice conversation too. Duplain offers free food as long as I am there.
Tyshifall, a big famous waterfall, is just some hundered meters away. Visiting the fall next morning, I see, its really enormous. And today I am so able to open up to this waterfall. Plashing white water on the rocks. I just love it. There are some pools also, but my system has not totally changed to cooler temperatures yet. So I just sit and watch and enjoy and witness, rest and fall asleep for a while. Really good time.
Back at Restwell I get a phone call from a TV station. They want to interview me the same day.
The Christian couple which picked me up before Shillong wants to invite me for a meal – but already not in town anymore.
A friend from Rampur, Himachal Pradesh, offers to pay the next hotel on the way.
TV interview works good. We get an extra room for the shot. After, the crew donates money to me.
Duplain explains, that he don’t charges anything to me at all. I can stay one or two weeks, if I like.
The evening, I have a long conversation with his wife, Roinekini, a doctor, working in a hospital. We speak about Corona virus, that the test don’t work really well. Sometimes people are positive and the test shows negative and opposite. The statistics are weird, not showing, who is actually ill with symptoms and who is seriously ill. We all three agree, that we just have to live with the virus (sure the vulnerable have to be protected). I explain to Roinekini, that I maybe had already Corona, but I had only little symptoms. But the symptoms could have been also from something else. During that time a test said Negative…. Would be interesting to know, if I developed antibodies…
All together I stay 4 nights. Its so good to stay somewhere with connection to nature and fresh air. And such nice people and hospitality. Duplain organises even a further helper, Chilang.

The night before I left I could not sleep at all. There is some process going on in my body and mind and rest of the system since 2 1/2 month, which often leeds to less sleep, sometimes no sleep in the night. I somehow answer with meditation, observing and accepting. Anyway, I feel fit and leave the house at 4.30am. Suprisingly so many people are walking around in nature close to Tyrshifall before sunrise. 30km to go. Chilong drives by in between and gives me advise, where to go. He had booked a hotel on his costs. Again such a nice place and the owner at ‚East Side Inn‘, Monwan, offers free food. In the meanwhile, still during arriving time I nearly throu up …. it has been a bit lot today. East Side Inn is a little bit out, east, of Lad Rymbai. Monwan explains what all belongs to his property. Some grass and forest land, a soccer place and some waterfalls with pools. From my room I can see all the time on that hilly grass land.
The rest of the area is full of poor people who extract cole and store it. In 5 years time, cole mining will be banned in this area.
Next afternoon, after I enjoyed a delicious Paneer meal with plain cooked potatoes as the side I felt to sleep. Waking up by lot of rain, falling down on this hilly grass land. I cant enjoy and embace the situation enough, its soooo magic. Maybe this is the last Monsoon rain and it gives everything. Its sososo beautiful. I am standin in ‚oh‘ at my wide open window or on the balcony and just watch with surprise, connection honourful the long lasting moment. What a precious rainfall, I just love it……
During this stay and maybe during this special rainfall, something in my chest, heart area switches with a switching sensation, letting me know, that Corona will not exist for me from this moment on. Sure I will follow the given rules, but beside of this, I feel, I am free of this ‚crazyness’…

The night before I leave, again very unsteady sleep, but with one really nice benefit. The laying new moon rise is just as spectacular, laying just on top of this hilly grass land…..
Then, later, 3 quaters before sunrise the small street in front of the grass land is full of walking, jogging, partying people. Maybe 100 people. Including music and smoking. So unusual, before four a clock people are celebrating…. a while after sunrise they disappear….
Since Restwell departure the street is suddenly so full of trucks. I have been so blessed, that again and again I could enjoy smaller roads. But from now on, there is no other way for a while. Trucks will all go the same route, a connection highway to some other northeastIndia states. Because of the mountain structure no other way available. Sometimes I like the company of truck driver on long way routes, its a bit like myself, being on tour.
Around midday Chilang arrives and reports, there will be no accommodation for me for the next 100km. He went all the way, checked the possibilities, Hotels are all booked by the government for people who come now from east towards Meghalaya, for quarantine. Nothing else is free. ‚You cant go this way, what will you do?‘ ‚I will continue, I will see. I maid have to go and see the police‘
‚And I wanted to make you a present, a peace bird, but I have not done it yet, its not ready‘ To the same time I took some empty glas honey jar and a emptyjuice Tetra pack out of my bag, to ask him, if he can take it (so I don’t have to carry). His face was full of surprise, because of his present expectations combined with the rubbish ‚gift‘. Sorry Chilang, it was not ment like this…. and Thank you, thank you, thank you….!!!

At the end of the day, 32km, and still not at the police station, but at a post office. At Google maps, here seems to be also the police station. The post office manager want to sent me some more km, but I refuse. Its already 2 hours dark…. and another sulution appears slowly…. I can sleep at a public ‚Meeting house‘ on the naked floor. After my request to bring me maybe some cardboard, people organize a plastic mat and a thin softer mat. The mosquito net gets fixed at the windows. 2 brothers, both with the second name Ali are happily keep me in good mood until everything is done. Here in Lumsnang is a cement factory, Ali’s father came from far away to work here.

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