Donation time continues

Donation times continues

I wake up the next morning – so happy – inside.
5.30h. Again 30km through the forest mountains…….
The Ali’s are ready to organize some breakfast for me, goodbye time.
It gets warmer and warmer now. Monsoon is definitely gone. Lower altitude lets the temperature rise.
I come along a beautiful small waterfall and have a bath with the truck drivers, who use this yummy refeshing washing opportunities regularly. But they leave there rubbish also there, I pick a plasic bag and collect at least some of the stuff there. Thank you Mother Earth for this little oasis inbeded in your amazing nature.
With the heat at midday, little exhaustion comes and while passing through a little village called Sonapur or Sonapyrdi in local language I see a sign Mini-Hotel. It has the aura, that it could have a room? But first I have something to eat.
To ladies are so curious to meet me, asking a lot of questions, and really nice incounter. As they leave, they hand a donation over. Surprise. In the morning I already got a donation from the father of the both Ali’s…. Soon after, a truck driver sits by my side, and again, a donation. Non of them I asked for money.
And finally, there is a bed for me, in this place. So after 16km my journey is done for today, no 30km monster walk!!!

This place reminds me, how I want to live in the future, cooking outside, living close to nature, but maybe having more than one place to live, could be even several places, where I drop in from time to time…..
In the morning I already had another future vision…. again walking, but without having this commitment to reach somewhere, walking through Nepal, Sikkim, Buthan… ???
Thank you for this insides…. and again letting go of everything until time is ripe….

The donation happenings went on next day….. food, money, medicine advise in a lovely manner on a paper for my rush at my lower left arm…..
….it seems all of Meghalaya wants to say goodbye with warm hugs….

Some month ago, when I had looked forward reaching Yangoon/Myanmar in April 2021, I told Elisabeth ‚it’s just another pregnancy period, 9 1/2 month until the end of the walk‘. So she replied ‚oh, the first three month of a pregnancy are the most dangerous….‘ This dangerous 3 month period is gone now.
From now on I count the days backwards.
Today, 15.10.2020, are 196 days left until 28.4.2021, 9 years after the start in Germany.

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