Dehradun to Haridwar

Dear friends,

The Vipassana retreat helped me to come to another level. But starting walk from there I felt just so exhausted. It feels that the barefoot walking also empowers the transformation process inside me. It feels that the process itself needs always a specific time. So, if there is to work through so much to the same time, it comes somehow to a transformation ‚jam‘.

On the way to Haridwar I meet incredible people. Also I found, with some exeptions, smaller ways I could walk. In one day, where I already thought, the big road is coming now, I just relaxed at a river side. Enjoying the view, nature and calmness, the bright sun and the fresh air. Effortlessly the neighbours invited me, started cooking and we had without much talking a wonderful time together. Greatness always appears. I can’t mention all the other beautiful meetings, but it seems, that I can again eat Indian meals, and I like it. Highlight is always to have brown or red rice, the natural one.

Somehow, still exhausted, I maid it to Haridwar, clompeted finally the gap. Now all the way is walked until Lumbini in Nepal (and a bit further over the Indian border, where I continue walk towards the ‚Buddha‘ places).

I thought is was a good idea to have a rest time in Rishikesh, so I took the bus to the 30km away town. But my final place where I have been several times is somehow a big mess now. Heavy mashine work on the promenade to make it nicer. The neighbors property, a ashram, has to give 2,5m of there building (illegal constraction) back to the city, so a slegehamner is busy all the time. And everywhere I walk it feels to me, soooo busy…. including beggers, tuc tuc drivers, traders with there approaches …. Sometimes I even can’t feel the beautiful Ganga, I only can see, because of loudspeakers, insences, rituals, workplaces……. In these days nature seems not present in Rishikesh – only disturbance…. even the nature is sooo close.

The day after tomorrow I leave towards Sunali at the Indian /Nepali border. Trains are not easy to book these days  (some are cancelled) because of some construction work going on. After trying some days it will be now the night bus to Lucknow, another day bus towards the border. So 24h on the bus. To my first walj destination,  Kushinagar I found a calmer way.

I asked people to join me at the flat areas to the Buddha places, but no responce. So I take it as a universal message and take my fate in my hands, heart and feet. I try to do my best!!!!

I love you all


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