Reaching Mussouri

Leaving the holy river Yamona I have to walk uphill again. Nearly no shortcuts, which I speculated on,  the mountain just to steep. Mussouri lays on the top of the mountain and not in a highland as I thought and really high up, at about 2000m. As I arrive there,  clouds and fog limit the view. It’s also a sign for the beginning autumn/winter. Traffic jams remind me of Dharamshala and Shimla. It would be really good for this cities to have cable cars. But even though for lots of ways through the Himalayas.  Even cable cars for good transportations in containers could be a solution. It’s an intersting thought to think of a net of cable cars in whole of Himalayas, cable cars with a bigger capacity, like busses. India should have a fabric for cable cars to invent this system.

Walking through the steep mountain area I imagine having flower seeds spread everywhere. Flowers to install a lot of bee hives,  who collect honey from all over. This could help the people to earn good money. Honey in India is nearly everywhere added with some kind of sugar syrup. Real honey is a need to have, also for a lot of health reasons. 

Coming down from Mussouri I found a wonderful lonely hiking trail. The way was so lonely, that I doubted for a few times, if I am really on the right path. Only problem where a lot of loose stones on the way. But I enjoyed walking all the way barefoot, it took a long while, the stones slowed me very much down. But I just wanted it.

Tomorrow I have to walk another 13km to the Dehradun Vipassana center. I have not signed up the 10 day course, hope to find a free spot, because often not everyone signing in comes to the course.

Best greetings to all of you


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