What to do in Germany/Europe

My coming to Germany will be for 4 to 9 month. More I don’t know.

The voice in that full moon night said to me: ‚for the summer‘. It’s not a clear time frame, even though I arrive very close to the summer start on 21st of June. ( Official summer is until 21st of September)

I will face maybe some money challengings, life is just more expensiv in Germany/Europe. Even arriving at the airport it starts. I guess it would be useful to have a ‚bahncard‘ so I can use all the trains for half price.  But when I arrive, I can’t effort it, I will use the slower trains for a cheaper price.
Next thing is the rule to be health insured. I have not been insured in anything for 7 years, so that does not make any sence to me so far. As longer I stay, that more difficult this issue will be.

I want to continue to live from donations. For the peace walk anyway. For the break now, too. And also after finishing the peace walk. As I said,  some challenges. And also trust.

Organic food. Yes I wait for it!!!!!!!!!!

And I look forward to a more organised life by society.

Sure I will continue my meditations, no question.

I am very much looking forward to be again in Schleswig-Holstein, Flensburg, Angeln, in the north of Germany and to visit my loving island of Amrum.

I am looking forward to cycle on a bicycle and hopefully my knee will allow that. Even a pushbike trip to Scotland is in my thoughts.

If I stay longer, I would like to join the celebrations of 30 years no wall in the middle of Europa.

And if I stay for 9 month I would like to offer several silent retreats in the passion period and to Easter.


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