How the peace walk could continue

From my experience from the last month, it’s just to difficult to continue the peace walk on myself. I think of having 3 to 5 or 6 loving beings supporting the walk.
The street chaos and the poorness is energeticly to difficult to handle. Especially in the flat areas. The mountains are possible easier to handle.  The energy is more pure. People are better connected with nature.

What has to be walked until Yangon in Myanmar?

A left over gab in India, from Rampur/Shimla to Haridwar. ~400 km

From Lumbini south to all the Buddha places in India ~500 km

From Lumbini north to Pokhara and Annapurna to Kathmandu ~650km

From Kathmandu east to India Sikkim ~500 km

Buthan ??? Depends on Visa ??km

Or around Buthan to the Myanmar border ??km

Through Myanmar to Yangon. ??km It is possible that we can get only a one month visa. Then we proparbly can’t manage the whole distance.

The whole walk should be finished before Monsun 2021

What I also realized in the last weeks, I love rubbish collection projects and also want to initiate tree planting projects – have already some in mind. (Not sure, if that comes only after the peace walk is finished)

Thanks for reading all this

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