Since 20 days in Lumbini/Nepal

Dear friends,

Since 20 days I am already in Lumbini/Nepal. I stay in the guest house of the Korean Temple, have even a single room here with fan and a mosquito net. The weather is mostly sunny with temperatures with 30+ degrees.

Since 20 days I think of writing to you, friends, who follow the blog, but most to you friends, who support me in what ever ways, by thoughts, prayers, walking somewhere where you are, or even donating money, or on other ways…. And I just can’t start writing. I don’t find a way to start, and so many things, which happend to me…. I even don’t know how to discripe them, because,  if I discripe, I also want, that you can understand…..

So I start with writing what is happening in the more ‚outside world‘.

From Rishikesh I walked 301 km to the Nepali border close to Mahendranagar. It was difficult due to do it in 16 days, because the Visa of India came to an end. Exept of 3 nights I had no mosquito net, so every time I finished up my walk in the evening, that’s exactly the time, when mosquitoes got hungry…. So there was not really a break for relaxation…

On my birthday, I ‚enjoyed‘ a 15h ride by bus on lots of broken roads. So it was a shaking experience. … and arrived totally exhaused at night here in Lumbini (in November/ December I walked between Mahendranagar and Lumbini). A perfect place to relax… a 4 by 1.5km big area without traffic at the world heritage of Buddha’s birth place. Lots of Temples out of different Buddhist traditions, sponsored by various counties, are situated here.

In my ‚luggage‘ to diguest I brought experiences from 3 Vipassana retreats within two month (mid December ’18 to mid February ’19 – all together 40 days of silent sitting) and a month of sitting in Satsang with Mooji in Rishikesh ( directly after all the Vipassana retreats, and the 300 km walk with lots of difficulties.

And as often, as also to this time, I did not know, that I carried that much ‚diguesting luggage‘ with me. Already I wanted to be again on the road… but not this time yet.

In my body, mind and spiritual body, there is a lot going on, maybe easiest to discripe as a ’structure‘ change inside, which I don’t know, how to discripe. This is partly connected with some pain, just as much, that I don’t have to cry out loudly…. I am grateful, to say, that Univers, God, the Supreme, the It, Awareness…. (means all the same) is taking care of a beautiful transformation,  that is and will be, but in the moment I still in this kind of partly painful transmission stage… I don’t have a clue, how long this will continue. The only chance is to go through it in blissful awareness…. This change is so strong, that it affects naturally me the inner ’structure‘ of my body and mind, with sometimes doubts of „do I get ill? I have some kind of disease? What is going on?“ And so on. But also strongly knowing, I am in goods hands, I am in hands of the Absolute, everything is in a good way! This I know surely. And writing this, I know, this is so true and right, I am even moved by this knowing!!!….

It’s a process and I have to have patients in the awareness…..

My friends, you are strongly loved and embraced!!!



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