Letting go

Here in Lumbini I am again close to the school of Varun. From the last money collecting I gave him the rest of the donations, 200€, about 2 weeks ago. It’s for a sound system.

When I thought about the school, still being in India in beginning of March, I witnessed a calm little voice from the center of my heart ‚Thomas, you don’t have to do that!’…. In the beginning it made me bit sad, because I had the idea to help the school a bit longer…., but I love to follow the voice of my heart and after some contemplation I realised, even loving to support, I also feel, it takes some energy of me …. and in this intense times I need a lot energy to diguest all the inner transformation processes and so on. Also a beautiful feeling of freedom arose, letting go of creating more responsibilities ….. In a conversation with Varun he was totally accepting and understanding.

Letting go also does not mean, I never again collect some money for the school or help to transport some new ideas or get involved in some other activities, but it means, not to be fixed to the next steppps. So, for now, there is no further step planed. If something will rise up later on, I will see, what to do then.

Here and then I announced, what I maid do or build after the peace walk. I mentioned a Stupa, Vipassana centeres in different places and even a Light (silent) Temple and so on. These all I also let go. There is no reason, that I have to carry on these responsibilities during the next two years. For now, I totally let go of the idea, that I have to do that after the walk. If it arises later on again…. ok, then I will see, but for now, all further plans for the time after the walk are dropped. Letting go helps me to be in the presence and awareness.

And with this one, I am not 100% sure yet, but it goes in this direction: letting go of the titel ‚peace walk‘. I tend in the direction, just to continue the journey by walking in awareness without having a title (for the walk) anymore.

These changes are already a product do the inner structure change, even not being 100% aware of the result, how my system feels, after the inner process is completed. But this far I can already see.

Freedom in and with Awareness

Love and happiness for all of you for Easter and anyway




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