I can’t make it

Slowly I understand, I can’t make it to Dat until the 8th of September.

There I wanted to meet Skarma and Sumit at the little Monastery. We wanted to speak about my earlier vision about Morey Plains, they want to bring food and another mat…. But because of my earlier exhausement and what I see on my map, how far I reached, I doubt to make it. But i dont give up the hope, maybe a superman energy burst… or what ever… I do what I can…

The way up to GongmaruLa Pass (5.260m) seems endless. I count 1 to 100, but only on one feet side, then I change to counting side. So I trick me a little, counting 100 but making 200 steppps. … Some hiking groups come from the other side, everyone with horses and lots of lugguage. Finally I reach the top with a fantastic little bit cloudy view towards KangYatse (6.401m). What a beautiful mountain and his glacier.  I wait at the pass in the hope of a totally clear view, but….
After the pass I met some exhausted parents, the youngsters already reached the pass 15min before, but they breathe heavily and I mention maybe to count until 100  (without mentioning the idea to do that on one side) But I harvest a helpless look ‚I am counting until 15!!!‘ the women said….. hmmmm…. and it’s really not nice from this side. You can’t see the pass just being 300m before…..

After Nimaling the people sent me towards a valley, while I wanted to take a short cut along the KangYatse Base camp through the KonkaNagpoLa Pass and I realize that a bit to late. But everything has mostly a reason. After crossing close to Thachugtse a pretty deep river I ask some people after the way. They called after me ‚the weather will change… 2 days of rain…  but after food again…. hurry up‘. Why hurry up, I think to myself, I am at least 2 days away from any road… how could that help…..

Before the turn into the valley to Dat it already starts to rain a bit….
And I react like a ‚little idiot’…  So I think of building up the tent here and now, find a good spot…. the ‚idiot‘ thing is, about the way I build up the tent (and how I did it all the time before). It is a sandy ground and I have a kind of iglo tent with a dome. It’s just that high that I can sit in meditation seat in it. So I have to fix the flexible rods first. But because it rains I want to build it quick, and it’s a sandy ground it just does not hold in the ground and it always collape. Here would have been a camera the best thing for a viewer to laugh out loud. But finally I fixed the rods with some stones. Then I had to put the second layer in top – again collapsing and fixing stability again. So inside everything was wet. I managed to get it dry with one of the non plastic bags and ‚moved‘ in. I thought, ‚oh again a cold night‘, but I got surprised by a warm energy from my crown chakra flowing all through my body making me so cosy and I slept wonderfully the first time in five nights without waking up.

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