only 3000m high

Going towards Keylong it’s ‚only‘ 3000 m high.

If I am with some worries, I contemplate, I am not with my real self. I have 3 worries, which here and there come to me…. the sandals, my visa issue and my mother….
When I am with my worries, I am in my mind or emotions (belly). I am not in my heart. In my belly and mind it’s busy or ’not calm‘. In my heart, there is calmness, silence tranquility…..

The sandals get again repaired in Keylong. Again a shoemaker from Panjab, working for the summer in this area, is taking care of my footwear. This time he fixes the soles again, before renewing the stiches of the stripes, who hold my feet. This time the soles get also nails!!! It’s so important,  that the shoemaker understand, for what purpose I have the sandals, because, if I invent they way of repairing, they often say, ‚don’t worry, it will be ok‘, but in the end I have the problem going on…. and I actually don’t worry, I just do care…. I am happy with the result!!…

Keylong is also the last place to stop for the next 300km. Because I do not eat sugar, honey and 2kg of raisins are the solution. Some nuts for the walker too. Also on the way through the mountains no fresh vegetables or fruits. So, I would like to take a lot, but no space in the bag and capacity of weight carriage. ….
Keylong is further the last place of internet connection for the next 350km!! Sunil from Dehra sends a message, that he is coming with friends… they will look for me on the road way….. they want to bring cashews…. hmmm, but I was not even 100% sure, if I stay on the road or take a comeplete different way to Leh/Ladakh….
At a Dhaba in Darcha,  where I meet Tashi again…., I decide in a meditation, that I will stay on the road….. (maybe that announcement of Sunil is coming keeps me on this track to see the Morey Plains again…. I just love them)

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