Cyclists and ‚the blue monk‘

Two cyclist are stopping beside me. Oskar from Sweden and Park from South Korea, who calls him on his tour for all the westeners John. Oskar has heard from me from 4 different sources in different countries. One was at a dinner party at the Malaysian embassey and he is nearly speechless to meet me in person. But Oskar is a communicativ person, so we have a lot to share. John is a bit calmer. Later the day, when we stayed at the same ‚homestay‘ he said ‚Now I am cycling around the world for some years. But after I have completed the tour, I want to walk around the planet, I think that’s much more difficult, so you are my ‚hero“.
We are all three on the way to Kee-monastery. In the mountains, when we have to get up, I am in a better position, means in this case, I can take some short cut, while the both have to cycle up all the loops to a higher place. So, while there are busy in there low gears, I pass the elderly home ( sponsored by Ecophere ) and a close by stupa. Inside the stupa I find a picture of the Panchen Lama in his 20th? I ask a elderly nun ‚who has done this picture‘ knowing the Panchen Lama is in Chinese prison since his 5th year and nowone knows, where he is…. the nun answers with a mysterious gesture what can be interpreted as ‚we have special ways-can’t talk about it….. smile
I continue my way to the outstanding Kee monastery, building on the sides of a mountain by a short cut, whatching a photographing 3 golden big statues and arrive on the top, where I myself are surprised, where Oskar and John are….. Little bit later, John arrived first and is himself so surprised….. A story what could been written in ‚….a master and the deciples – miracles happen….‘

To leave Spiti towards Keylong I have to pass the Kunzum La Pass at 4.551m. The road seems to be partly as a dirt road in a side valley, which maid lead ???? …where???, but it’s about 70 km long and ‚The highway‘ between the district Spiti and Lahul, which are governed together…. 100km away from Kaza my sandal soles say good bye to my sandals…. the sharp stones at the short cuts did there best.. ..

Anyway, I look forward to sleep in one of the simple Dhabas at the highway, which exist only in summer… here are no villages, so some people open here there summer buisiness. And the first Dhaba in Batal is owned by a really nice couple, in there late 50th and only smiling. Some stones on top of each other for the walls, a wooden improvised roof construction and a plastic on top. Ready is the sleeping place. Cosy and cheap. And in the beginning of the season all the sheets and blankets are still clean….

In Koksar I am back on the route from last year. One Dhaba owner promised last year a cheap place to stay. But this year everything different. He rented this place to other people, making 5 laks, 500.000 Rupies, what’s about 7.700 $ for the season. The owner is Nepalese, build this up by his own hands and now that’s this win!!! (A worker on the street earns about 7 to 8$ a day.) The new owner talked about ‚peak season‘ and I answer, that I don’t have ‚peak money‘. … Anyway, we come to a compromise…..
Little bit later I visit the Gompa, which is build overlooking the village in a huge cave of the mountain. The monk is happy to invite me for two nights. He refuse to wear dark red clothes and is dressed in blue to light blue. Also his other personal belongings, as his sleeping blankets, all blue to light blue…. so I call him the ‚blue monk’… and he liked it!!!
When I arrived with my backpack he announced, that he will not be there next day. He is called to a private house to recite a sutra for ten days. I am so surprised.  For 10 days he will sit alone in a room reciting a sutra for 8 hours a day for a better vibration and energy in the house….. as a service to this people and community….
This impressed me a lot….
Later, back on the way. .. I finally understand…. I do the same…. by walking step by step…. for peace


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