Holger’s visit

After the retreat I meet Holger, a good friend from Flensburg, who came to Dharamsala to organize with Wolfgang and Jürgen, all from the ‚Tibet Initiative Deutschland-TID‘, the next visit of the Dalai Lama in Germany in September.
Holger is also my former dentist and we founded together a mindfulness-meditation-group, which Holger still runs. 6 years since we have seen each other.
He has some gifts in his luggage, which I asked to bring – bubble pavement for my feet and ear plugs…..

At my birthday on the 31th of March, there is a gathering at the Dalai Lamas Temple. It’s 60 years ago, that the Dalai Lama fled from Tibet and stepped into Indian soil. This celebration is a gratitude celebration to India. Holger, Wolfgang and Jürgen have  places of honor on the stage, I sit in the crowd with lots of Tibetians and foreigners.

Thanks Holger for the visit.

I leave by bus to get back to Mandi, to continue the peace walk.
I have to sit in the back of the simple bus, windows are open. Fumes of the engine disturb me in the beginning, then I breath through a cotton, arriving in Mandi and a day later I realize, that I feel real poisoned…..

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