2. Vipassana retreat II

Somewhen in the retreat I cought also up in me mind, here contemplating…..

Again, as in the last retreat 4 month ago, I think of the Easter-silent-retreats I have offered before I started the peace walk.
We had the element of ‚toning‘ inside where everyone sings from the center of the heart, whatever sound comes out there. Mind is not allowed to put ideas in it, not to add melodies or words we know…… It’s exactly meditation pur. … no judging, just observing, arising, passing, not clinging on to anything….
I proof it, if that is true or have I taught something wrong?…. it’s just the perfect and simplest example of meditation I can think of……

I can(‚t) wait to give the next retreats, when I am back in Germany. Maybe again in Neukirchen, if the center is still alive by then, what I hope very much…..

Vipassana retreats are for free. This is such a big inspiration for me. Soooo big. Sure you can give something after the retreat, but no-one is forthing or asking you for it.
I want also to do that, when I give retreats or even seminars after I am back in Germany…. Actually I want to offer all my work for free and continue living from donation. Until the time before the peace walk, I always charged for courses, sessions and money was always a stress factor….
So I contemplated on it, how to manage that….

The last Vipassana retreat was also for free, but after I put some money in the organisations account. And because I have given by myself seminars, I know how important that is. To that time I thought of that donation more as a fee.
Now I switch my attention more towards the fact, that a have to categorise that fee as a donation.
This time, I figure out, I do not have enough money to give even a donation. Looking forward in time span I have some expenses in summer (visa issues), that I can’t give a donation now. Uh. That is uncomfortable in the beginning, but after some contemplations I find peace with it. Yes it’s ok, because it’s by donation (and free for those who can’t efford it) And I have to trust, that all is in universal harmony.

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