Lucian needs help

Thomas writes:

Lucian is 15 years old, hanging around in this internet cafe, looking for people, who need help. I wrote earlier the day about him.  So he is really helping people. So also with me he did a good job for me looking for a new sweater, finding and looking for the shoemaker, who suddenly came and worked for a good hour on my sandals. So maybe they are good for the next 1000 km?!

Lucian is already very good in english, speaking fluently english. He want to finish school in Rumania and want to study and work later on in Germany, Finland or Ireland.

His father is already retired and working as cleaning woman. They do not have a lot of money.
What I see, that Lucian is really looking for something better for him and his future, and he has the power to change, I can see it!

So if anything speaks to you heart, please contact him to find out, which kind of help he could need and how you can arrange the help.

Name:Iuhasz Lucian
Street Adress:Street Raul Galebna Number 20
Town:Hateg,Romania Postal Code : 335500

He has also a facebook page, he will write you more about hisself, when you get in connection.


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