Manipur is ….

Manipur is again a very Christian state, but most Christians life in the mountains. In the plains, I hear, more Hindu’s but also some Moslems.

The plains have the capital and around a lot of mostly, rice, farming.
The mountains are so gorgeous, full tropical forests.
Most people belong to some tripes, and it seems, most of them want, that Manipur comes independent from India again. They dont feel treated well. Even some underground groups are existing, mostly being up in the mountains…. and some forces army vehicles are always driving fully weaponed. Some days ago, I heard, there was a shooting going around between these two groups…..

Manipur is the first state, where I saw signs for using only toilets everywhere, otherwise fees of 1000 or 500 Rupies are supposed to come. Villagers and government build everywhere public toilets.

The ‚highway‘ is more a smaller road, mostly nice paved, but at some places a mud adventure experience for all the vehicles, motorcycles and me as a walker. At one place I was surprised, that the vehicles can manage at all, to get through that 20 to 40cm of mud? The highway route goes up to Nungba and usually continues on a north route as the official highway, but a bridge had totally collapsed, so everyone has to take the shorter south route, which I anyway had chosen.

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