Please people from Silchar. Take care of your city. Stand for your rights, to have a clean city – always. Fight for your rights, to have a good clean-up system, as you partly have. But all the trash needs to be taken care everywhere and all the time, so that you can enjoy your town.

Please people from Silchar. Take care of nature in your town. One day I walked around the inner centre and I found two lakes in the very centre. But approaching them I was so disappointed. Please people of Silchar, stand for your rights, to have relaxing areas in your town centre. The water bodies are grown over. Also walls around the lakes. Its so precious to have nature in town. This two lakes can be a resource of freshness.

Please people from Silchar. Stand for your rights, to have a not overcrowded centre. How beautiful it could be, to have the inner center streets just for people to walk and shop (maybe even with some art here and there) Ban the motor traffic out of the center. It does not belong there. Its not enough space there for everyone.

People of Silchar. Create a place, where you can breathe. Plant trees and fight for a place with dignity.

People of Silchar, stand up for the rights of everyone. I hear, there is a lot of corruption. Fight for a system , where corruption gets eliminated. Make the people responsible, who take advantage of there positions and who take money out, which does not belong to them.

People of Silchar, in the south of Assam, why not being an example for your area, state and the country.
You have the power to do so.

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