8 years

8 YEARS!!!!!! Today
Steppps Peace Walk 🌎👣🌏❤🌍

I walked until now to Bodhgaya, Buddha’s place of Enlightenment – and 70 km further northeast to Rajgir, where Buddha meditated in different caves. Now there is a beautiful Peace stupa build.

Around 21.500km are walked. 2.500km are still to come until Yangoon in Myanmar.

Now I face another obstacle. The lockdown!!! The Visa was running out and the prolonging ended up in an ‚Exit Visa‘. For around mid May. Solutions and alternates are happy to receive me. Where to go? Nepal is also in lockdown. Otherwise a flight back to Germany and a summer stay there…????. until the situation normalises. Let’s still hope for a good solution. I would love to stay in India.
If the Visa problem can be solved, I have already a nice place to stay. The Vipassana center in Shravasti. Here Buddha thaught 25 monsoon retreats.

In case of coming back to Germany I love to continue my peace work, in the moment by lots of meditations and….???….. Univers knows… There is a heart wish to continue living from donations…..

In one year the Peace walk shall be officially be finished. After that I wish to the stay in the area where I walked to – one, two years…

Love peace and happiness around this beautiful world 🌍❤🌏👣🌎 and all of you.

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