Towards Bodhgaya

Bihar. In this Indian state everything is a bit different. First I am  walking along the highway, which is very taff.

From Sasaram on I have a Chinese companion, Xi. After such a long time it is really nice to walk in company. After crossing the river at Dehri we were lucky to turn away from the dusty highway, following smaller roads. But some challenges arrived.
People in this area are friendly, welcoming and curious what we are doing, even the conversation is often very limited because of language barriers. An hour before sunrise something is changing in there expression. They become a little bit anxious and sceptical. So it was a bit hard to find a place to stay at night – also because of fear of chinese coronavirus. Two times we were kicked out after being invited. Once the police was called, infact they only told our hosts to take care of us. In one case, after Xi left again, people of Guraru friendly escorted me to the police station. I got bed and mosquito net there.
One night, after kicked out again, we accepted a place and slept with 6 grown up men in 3 beds in a small room in very poor condition.

Coming towards Bodhgaya the weather changed because of season and because of entering a different climate zone. Vegetation went to more palms, but not only because of climate area. People cut down the other trees because it’s easier fire wood.

Bodhgaya is a special place because of Buddhas enlightenment. It’s exciting to be at this historic places.

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