14.3.2019 short update

Dear friends,

This year is rushing…. puh. …

Nevertheless, I can say, that I had beautiful opportunites…. to grow….

I joined a 20 day Vipassana retreat in Jaipur/Rajasthan and now I finished visiting 4 weeks Satsang with Mooji www.mooji.org in Rishikesh at the Ganga.

Reports about this events follow later. It’s not, that I have been lazy, it’s because, some of it, needs still to be diguested….

Until now I can say. The „motto, poem“ of the peace walk has changed again, by better understanding.


step by step – breath by breath – in the moment – always present

It dewelopes into

Step by step – breath by breath – in the moment – presence – awareness


From tomorrow – 15.3. – I continue walking. There is a gap of 700 km to walk between Shimla in the Himalayas and the Nepali border – Mahendranagar. Because of Visa issues I only have 16 days left in India. So I try to reach the border from half way (of the gap) starting in Rishikesh. But not sure, if I can do the 320 km in just 16 days. Will see.

Hugs to you all


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