Sun is out

Sun is out

In the early morning I prepare. First of all I have to take care of my feet. And I have a plan. And I tried it the day before….
One sock on each foot. Then I compress loose a shawl around. For my left foot I have a Pashmina shawl (goat beart) very warm. For my right foot a yak shawl. Last layer is the bag from the sleeping bags – luckily I have two – for wet protection!!! Every foot fits perfect in the sandal!!!!
The left foot is more painful. I can’t move the big toe because of the big bruise inwards, but for walking the toe has only to move in the other direction. And it’s anyway only for 5 to 6h!! The shawls make it so soft for each foot.

The weather is bright. The sun shines soooo beautiful, but I am scared for my skin. In these high mountains, always over 3000 m I walk with a cappy and I always have a huddie in my head. So the sun can never do something to my skin. Also I have a shawl around my mouth and nose, protection from the dry air …..
…. But here the sun danger comes from down….

After 5 km walking I see some people coming from the other direction…. or are that yaks? … I can’t see any head. But the both coming from the front are loaded with heavy lugguage, so the head is far down. They are in front of two groups, who couldn’t start a hike from Dat north and they stayed for some nights in the monasteries. Soon I see the people coming with all the horses and lugguage on them. But the two guides don’t have enough space on the horses, so they have to carry this huge bags…. After the pass, the ordered some busses to pick up all the people…. no-one here expected that much snow…. so unusual….

The hikers have mostly sunglasses, but I try to warn them,  take care of your skin…. and they ask: you don’t have sunglasses…. take care of your eyes…..

That gave me power, and now I also know, that Rangdol, the monk, is at the monastery. …. But after a while the push of energy is gone and I have to take all my power to reach the goal… little surprised,  that I have to take that much effort,  I rested so much….?

Rangdol and some horse guides are still in Dat and greet me. We exchange news and there are surprised about my rapped feet.
I can sleep in one corner on a kind of terrasse behind a glass front. Rangdol hands over some blankets…..
I tell him, that I plan to stay a bit longer, maybe a week or two, and I want to meditate in the Guru Rinpoche hall. …is that possible? Yes… But we agree on first one week, then we will see…..
I brought Rangdol a gift, dried apricots and I am so happy, that the whole package is still untouched. Also I have a donation for him. After a little while he accept it.

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