On the way to Leh

After completing 18.000 km I meet the Hell-race-people.
It’s just mind blowing what these organize. They have some runners who are running in 120 hours, 5 days,  a distance of 475 km from Manali to Leh through all this high passes. (Includes sleeping time)
Some other runners do 5 marathon in 5 days through this difficult terrain.
We have a wonderful evening together, where I give my story of the ‚empty villages and the vision‘ into the circle.

Next day we all have to get over the 5.350m TanglangLa Pass. The marathon runners have to take the running route along the official street, I can take some short cuts. While starting to nearly the same time, I sit again after the Pass somewhere at the side of the street, resting, while the runners pass by.

I have another problem to solve. I calculated the time for walking until Leh fine. At the 30th of June my friend Elisabeth from Germany arrived for a visit. What I did not calculate….. I have to write and publish the blog before she arrived, otherwise I am not really with her.
So…. I decided, because I walk so nice and kind of easy bigger distances, to walk the 70 km after the Tanglang La Pass crossing day in just 2 days. Just before the gates of Leg, in view distance to the Shanti Stupa, I stay now with my ‚free monk friend‘ Konchok. Here I have time to do all the writing and proparbly tomorrow publishing…..

Blessings to all of you

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