1100m up and a wish

Today I walked 1100 elevation meters up. Now on 2100 m. I found again some nice small roads with nearly no cars.

The wish

As I told you, I got really inspired that Mr Goenko offers free Vipassana courses. Since a long time I think of offering the peace walk for everyone who joins in for free. So, that all the costs are covered as long they join the group. But how to bring it into life? All the people who walk with me are working a lot. Walking, meditating, getting involved in all the spiritual parts which come with the walk….. the people who come walking are often also financially not the richest from the money side, even though they bring a lot of richness from there heart side into the group and taking a big commitment …..   Until now I always thought, ok, if there is no big money coming somewhere from, I can’t start doing so….. but maybe I make it for myself to easy?……


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