The Stupa in Leh

Welcoming in Leh was just great. Lots of thinks came together here. Kesava organized a place to stay. And new friends showed up. Also Katarina and Lukas, cyclists, which I met earlier on the road, are still in Leh. …….

But the most amazing ‚thing‘ in Leh is the super beautiful walkin Stupa. I earlier saw one walkin Stupa in Hungary. That one actually the biggest Stupa in Europe. Anyway, I was asking myself already, why there is no stupa here, where you can walk on, where you can do walking meditation? And there the beautiful building is.

I go as often as I can, idially at sunrise and Sunday. This stupa is a gift to me.

I do love to inspire people, to build a Stupa, where we did the light temple initiation, or reinitiation, in the north of Germany, close to Flensburg in ‚Angeln‘. But this would/ will be a big project. Everything is possible.

Fotos you can see on instagram: schmockelthomasheinrich

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