The curve in the planet

One day morning I see myself walking on these streets and I realized, something has changed. Earlier for example in Iran, standing or walking on the planet, if I made myself long, somehow I could still, looking back, see Germany. Sure it is not actually possible or was, but it still felt not so far and it was kind of visible. Now, it’s not possible. I can’t see Germany anymore. It’s around the corner on this planet. And I am not able to look around the round planet. 😊😊😊


Being in Kargil I went to a bank. I had my safety money from my sister with me, but I had 2000 Rupies pieces, what’s about 28€ and I thought maybe on the country side that can’t change. And that was still the money not to use. Standing in the line, I had just 500 Rupies from the donation money left. And I had on my account another 13€ donation money, which I kind of ‚forgot‘, because I could not pick it up , because of fees. But this is left over from donations and this 13€ I can take from the money I carry with me, because it has nothing to do with credit money. So suddenly I had 1500Rupies/20€ back in my pocket. Surprise.

But in general I thought also, why is this happening. Should it be a sign or a test? Or did it only happen, because Afghanistan took so much money? Or does it mean, the pilgrimage is finished? And actually I had still some money left. I did not have to hunger and anyway, I know, it’s also possible without…..

I am All

When people asked me, what religion I am, I always said: I am everything. And I really ment it. Sure I am follow not all the rules of all religions, but I understand, that they are all routed in the same fundation, Love and Peace. Because of this foundation of Love and Peace, what is the basic of all religion I can truely say, that I am everything.

So now here especially in Kashmir, people just ignored the fact, that it means, that I am also a Muslim. That people did not get it, I was always confronted with, but this kind of ignorance was stronger and sometimes I got even, because of this ignorance, a little bit angry. They just did not believed what I was talking about, and I always spoke truly from my heart.

So, where there right, on one level, that is was not my truth anymore? Should I change or was it a sign to speak in another way?

My deep understanding on this journey is, that ‚I Am All‘. First I thought that this ‚I Am All‘ is that I Am everything, what is also true. But later I understood that it can be also written as I AM = ALL. It just means the same. I AM and ALL means the same. Because I AM is ALL. Coming to this realisation I understood also, that I AM is also THAT (everything). It’s just all ONE. I AM, ALL, THAT, ONE, it’s all the same. Being THAT is just everything. And there is no separation between anything. Outside and inside.

Understanding and realizing this truth, it is also true, as I said, that I don’t follow all the rules of all religions. I only follow the rules who come from the deeper truth, the truth which is based on the ONE IT. Religions should bring us to a point, where we ‚get it‘ by our selves. If we get it, we are able to receive the message from our God-Selves, what is the direct connection to the ALL-IT……

And this only can be understood with the HEART, what is no difference between ALL and IT and I AM.


Since around 27 years, I study the language of the Heart.




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