Coming closer to Mulbekh was such an experience. 3 different mountain shapes. One more beautiful than the other. Wonderful structures. I was so amazed to see in the best weather this scenery. I rested below a school with the best ever view I could imagine in that moments. These kids have the most amazing round view. Continuing walking I came along the first prayer wheel, Tibetan flags are hanging everywhere around, sometimes making a gate, in this case into the Buddha land. It is the first Buddhist village after so many muslim countries and villages I walked through. And I quickly felt such a different energy. It feels like more open and more beauty. Or how should I else discripe? I really dont know.
Again I am looking for a kitchen or restaurant, what has something vegetarian without onion, but no Maggi soup. The first place can’t serve me with that. The second also is passing. The third place can make it happen. Its the paradise restaurant and guest house. Stanzin is the owner. I quickly ask him also for the price for the special dish. I have learned, if I don’t do, there maid be trouble when paying. And you know, my budget is still very small.
With Stanzin I come quickly into a nice conversation. He has seen me earlier that day walking along the street. And he is one, who understands quickly what I am doing. He also appreciated the work I have done to reach that point in my life. He mentioned to let go of so many attachment is such a achievement.  This kind of vocabularies you hear rarely out of a Muslim mouth. Then he offered a room to me, I gratefully accepted. (Later I asked him, if I also could stay two nights and he agreed) His restaurant lays directly opposite of the small temple, which houses one of the biggest Matraiya statues, engraved in stone.
I love the scenery here so much. The empty mountain tops , where you can see all there structures and the green valley. And here are no pine trees. All my life I never liked the pine trees so much and was somehow disturbed by them, but until now I never knew, what disturbed me. Is that an inside? Hihihi (There are exceptions of pine tree areas I also like and enjoy a lot) But in a mountain scenery I love it more like this, exactly like this. Perfect valley. Wonderful Ladakh and I am not sure if it can come better.

At one point I said to Stanzin: I really could live here. It’s so so beautiful. And even in winter.
And I already have two ideas to bring to this area. Every one is drinking black tea with milk and salt, the traditional tea. But what is totally lost ist the knowledge and use of herbal teas and also mountain herbs. That would be also a good b uisiness for some people,  to pick and dry what’s already there. Stanzin: ‚Yes, someone fried already, but some of the herbs are poison and if you take to much,  it could harm. And no-one knows the meaning anymore, so the indian government is not just allowing to do so.‘ Yes it could be started with something what is still known…. also with some more herbs you can have in the garden, dry and use for the winter, as well, as they could be sold.
The second idea is to establish walnut trees. I guess that would grow here pretty good. Stanzins answer: some people thought so too, but the soul is not so good. (Later i saw some few walnut trees in some properties, and they liked soooo good.

When I entered my room I immediately saw a place, a recess in he wall overbuild with a stabilized wood. So long ago, and my singing bell found a place to be and sound.
My trouses got a second wash, this time with very hot water, to kill the still living fleas and stop new bites and my itchings.
What to do if you would find a place where you have lived before? Would I like to stay there again?
Stanzin himself grewed up in a home on 4500m elevation level. In some days he and his family plan there a yearly ritual, inviting 15 monks to there home to bless the place and pray there. I nearly asked him to join, but also I had to stay even some days longer – and it was also good to continue.
On the day of leaving I was so wonderful in a fresh mood. After a while a man was running behind me: I think it’s my duty, because you are walking, to let you know, there is a short cut to the next pass…. he said. So I had to leave the main road following the valley a bit more. I arrived in a very tiny hamlet, which included a monastery. Every stone kind of resonated in a fine vibration of silence. Little bit up, maybe in 10 or 15m high there where 2 meditation cells colourful decorated. This impressed me, especially the silent vibrations in the stones. I did not know, how the way, the shortcut, will continue. So I had to ask. After the village up the mountain, on the other side down, then right and you see already the pass. There was not a real way, but maybe some donkey path or so….. On the top it was also not clear, how to get down, it was pretty steep, but I could see the pass. I hoped, to go right would save me from going down and up again. But in the end I had to do just that, but a little bit later…..
Because it was steep, I reached the pass heavily breathing. Namik La reached on 3.760m!!!

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