Walking from Shahrud east. Its 260 km to the next City. Only some small villages in between. The elevation is around 1.300m over sea level. Desert like nature.

Nearly all the time the wind is helping me a lot. Walking on the right side of the highway the wind comes all the time from behind. With a little angle from the right to the left, so that the smell of the cars and some of the sound is carried away. I understand it as a blessing.

You maid remember, my night outside in the freezing cold (see 19.3. 7 Days / review). From that place in the mountains I wanted to take a small side road. There was snow still on the side road and no-one had taken this dirt road for some weeks at least. There were no footsteps or signs that a car was going there. The ground was frozen in the morning and I knew, when the sun comes, it will melt and get very muddy. The kind of mud which sticks under you shoes and the sandals could get very heavy from it. I really wanted to take the sideway. And it was a bit difficult for my whole system to make the decision to go the main road. Especially the elements and nature invited me so much to take the side way. It felt they wanted to teach me something and I would be safe…..

So, about two weeks later, 2 days ago, I guessed I maid not be able to find something to sleep in this empty area of desert or steppe. During the day I felt the elements were talking to me again. And wherectaking care of me. I the morning the wind was blowing strongly from the front. I had to change the side of the highway for the first time because of the smell. A big weather front was coming from north east. After a while another wind from south west started to blow, got stronger and stronger and started to blow the weather front away. This took hours, I would say more than half a day until the early evening. Even though the wind was strong I understood that at night the wind would stop and there would be no rain. The elements told me somehow to sleep outside. Creation was speaking through the elements. Having no sleeping bag makes the thing to sleep outside possible but it’s still cold at night. Also I had nothing to eat anymore and no water left. Water I found easily. Miraculously some people had left some water at the side of the street. A street trader sold some grapes. I arrived at some rest place. Later I found out, that I could not stay there. But my mind said, I had to eat something there. The place and the people where not inviting. And to find the right spot in nature I should have continued walking. I felt that. After spending time in that restaurant I finally agreed inside myself to follow the nature advise. It was already 5.30 pm and I had wasted some important time. I went the old highway, which is now out of order, so no traffic there. I could not reach the place I was supposed to go…. So I had to look earlier for a kind of covered place in the desert. I found something what could work, if the wind would not change direction again. It was behind a stone and sand amassing. I started to collect wood from dead small bushes. Because all are little pieces I had to take a lot and stored it close to the fire place. Later I found out, that I builded another wind protection wall unconsciously what helped later at night. The moon crecent was shining for the first half night and the wind reduced his little blow more and more. I had to take care of the fire all night, it was pretty cold and I did not sleep. It was ok. I was not exhausted.

In the early morning, I started walking. After an hour at sunrise I reached a beautiful ruin of a caravansaray. This was supposed my night rest place. Here I would have had a full wind cover. I slept about a hour later, the sun warmed up a bit, nicely for some hours. At lunch time, still on the not used old road a family had a picknick. I was invited. Without the meal in the restaurant with my grapes I would have had enough until then.

I am pretty sure, that the inner and outer nature want to teach me, how to ajust my body temperature. So that I can sleep in cold or warm weather ever without a sleeping bag outside. Here I remember ‚Peace Pilgrims‘ (a lady from US, who walked for peace for around 30 years.)description

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