8.000 km full

Hi friends on this wonderful planet.
Do you enjoy? Do you breath? Blessings!!!!!!!

21.6. Longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere,
shortest day in the southern hemisphere.

I thought yesterday, I have to do something special, celebrate….
But than, the day celebrated something for me……..

It was wonderfully, nearly tropical, raining.
And there happened two things more,which I do want to mention!!!

The first
8.000 km are full!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The second
And this will be also interesting for Magdalena and Paulin, who where with me last year…… When we met a man, a walker, whats really rare here in Turkey, someone who walkes long distance I mean. He was walking from Bartin to Samsun.
And yesterday I met him again. So beautiful. Now walking from Samsun to Arvet (at the east border to Geogia) Hismet (I call him with this name). He is actually much faster on the way, than I or we.
In the rain we had some very beautiful breaks, he was always waiting and invited me for everything I wanted 🙂
We had some really beautiful conversation, with words in turkish, german, english, dutch, norwegian…. but it worked 🙂
Even in the evening I met him again in a hotel, where I was asking for a free place…. and he paid 🙂

And from him I got another gift, on the day when I had my 8.000 km full.
I watched him walking. And I liked it a lot.
He is also using the ball of the foot and it looked like a walking dance.
So I immitated his walk motion
And I feel like riding my bike.
My muscles are uses in another way, and it makes me quite happy.
Its so beautiful to use my bike riding muscles 🙂
And its a good training.
What a wonderful gift …..
Thanks to Hismet

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