Valley of Peace – still there

Thomas writes:
Dear friends in the world,
I am now already nearly 4 weeks in the Valley of Peace, foto see further down, and it seems, that I stay until easter – 20th April – at least/or leave than – In sh’allah.
Everyone is very welcome, to join in the spirit of peace and mindfulness. If you want to meditate, pray, work, walk, or…. you are very welcome, however long.

As we do not have any volunteer yet – I am during the week mostly alone at the Valley – I decided to start a 7 weeks retreat until Easter from tomorrow on. (at the weekend always some visitors come, mainly on friday)
During this time I will continue my work there on the property and at the street, cleaning, clearing, building up energy……. (also to find out, how everything should be manifested – what does the universe want us to build up there, how can it be brought to this Jordan-Valley, country, the Middle east area).
I will pray and meditate a lot, be partly in silence and work in mindfulness. Maybe some friends from Europe like to come around Easter?

Dear friends,
I really like to offer my skills and practice in mindfulness to you all, and my practice in peace-work. Maybe a peace walk for a week or so, will also manifest in this time.

Until now we
– made the toilet and kitchen working, still some little problems
– started a project at the street, cleaning the area in front of the property from trash, than maybe with kids from school classes the whole street
– cleaned more or less the property from old trash, convince everyone, not to burn any plastic…..
– cleaned the meditation/prayer room
– painted a sign „Valley of Peace“ and a trash bin at the street
– started a art-work at one of the trees
– installed a smoking area – not easy to convince the people, to smoke only there –
– helped an ill man to get healthy and walking again

It seems, that we have every friday a public sharing at 3pm. Very nice!!!!

You are any time welcome!!!!
Thomas and Mohammed

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