Peace-(greetings) for Syria

Thomas writes:

Dear friends

this is a request for your help

Proparbly we can,t walk through Syria. There is a civil war.

Besides prayings and meditation I would to send also something else to Syria.
Maybe you have other ideas or you know, how to make it happen.

In a war there is lots of suffering and branch, furcation with the people. The communication via Internet and telefone was also disconnected for a while – I do not know, how it is in the moment.

I would like to sent hope to Syria, hope to the people, to the Syrians!
In the moment there is this idea, to print a flyer in the south of Turkey and to give it to people, who pass the border (first from Turkey, later from the Libanon side) In this flyer we will tell, that there are humans outside of Syria, who pray and meditate for peace, who walk for peace, who are engaged for peace. We like to tell the syrians, that we think of them, that we are connected.

There is also an other idea, which I can,t make come through by myself

Through the net. 1 or 1 1/2 year ago I got to know via media, that there was a group of Isrealies, who did start a internetcampane. They send lovegreetings to Iraniens and the people had the chance to interact. The project was very successful, so the initiators did need some volonteers  for help. Something like this would be also very helpful for the Syrians. Who can help???

Are there other ideas?

Please contact me at or via facebook: steppps peacewalk


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