It is about humanity

Magdalena from Bukarest (Thomas is not far in our apartment that we got from Alex, a Romanian guy who says „People help people, elsewise it all makes no sense“ – what a peace declaration. So in the moment the group is a couplegroup again:)


Like always when I sit in front of the computer to write for you I first have to take a deeeep breath and say wooooooow, because of all this amazing things that happend and happening. Already the sixth day in the capital of Romania and for me kind of closing a wonderful circle of getting to know this country. Romania! A wonderful and rich country! Here  I learned again,  that it is always up to us what we get and see in life. If we are open for the good and positive we will find it, we will find it everywhere. So open yourself, open your eyes and hearts and focus on the good.

„To have peace it is necessary that you really want it, you should not always doubt it.“ Astride Briand

I just saw that I already wrote this a while ago in German, but it is worth to be repeated! We have to believe that it is possible that we are in peace, that there will more and more peace developed in the world, between humans, between humans and nature and in ourselves. With doubting and seeing the difficulties all the time, we just throw stones in our own ways. In the last week before we arrived Bukarest some people asked the question „Why are you doing this walk?“ And I can give one answer for me now: Because I want to see the good in the world. I want to focus on the positive and I want to share it with YOU  and all the people we meet on our way what I experience. Especially here in Romania we experienced that a lot of people have a bad picture about their own country, because of what is said in the mass medias, because of comparisons on EU level, because of the political  situation in the country. I know all this is a part of the situation but just a part. The much bigger part we experienced is that people are so helpful, generous and warmhearted. That they are ready to help and have beautiful knowledge about peace and  humanity. I am sooooo touched and greatful about this last days before arriving Bukarest where it felt like hearts where overflowing and we got sooooooo much support.

The first days in Bukarest we spend at the Theological Institut. There I could experience how much misunderstanding can be created when we start to look to our project from a religious view. So very often the question arises, which religion we have and if their is special church in Germany that is our base. I realized for myself it is not about religion, the base for me is HUMANITY. Religion can be a part of humanity, as peace is, but it is not the base.

For today, I will go out into the wonderful Octoberday now, enjoy the sun and want to listen to my heart what it is saying to me what will come next (and not letting my mind taking the control). In a wonderful book, of a woman who is called PEACEPILGRIM, who dedicated her life to walk through the USA for 30 years, I readt something what I am working on at the moment. It is about finding our place in the world\universe „Unseren Platz im Weltgefuege finden‘, the one place where we are right, where we are in peace with ourselves and what is around and where we just know what is to do. And the first step is to follow my heart.

Every day is a gift, every day I realize more that everything is connected to everything. Humans to humans, humans to nature, humans to animals, we are all one:) And we have strength, the strength to do something, to move something, to change something, every day there are a lot chances to change something in our small world, every day we can create a lot of small acts of peace, we just have to be aware of them. A smile, a flower, forgiving, stopping in between and take a deep breath, helping a neighbor, planting a tree, having good thoughts, being thoughtful when we do our shopping, take care of our words we say to each other…:)

Peace can be every step

All the best for you!!! SunSmilePeace and Love



a flower for YOU:)

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