500 words about an unforgetable time in the Fagaras Montii:)

I feel I want to learn to get the essence out of my experiences on this wonderful trip, and that is not about too much words:)

14.9. Leaving Sibiu, greeted by the Fagaras mountains!:)

15.9. It feels like leaving the world of humans – civilisation, sounds, smells – entering the world of the mountains, nature, into the wild. Upupup climbing, steep mountainsides, forest, deep green – wild, rocky mountain ridges, row after row, peak after peak, STONE so old, deep, curved valleys, amazing colours – yellowgreen grass, all kinds of grey, red and orange blueberry leaves, autumnblue sky, darkwhite clouds full of rain and snow-, patterns, dynamic waves – Thomas in walking meditation, my feet touching our way. A potpouri of scents, earth, herbs, plants, decay, warm stones, clear air, wet world, ice and snow.

Sounds and Silence of nature, wind, cries of birds, moving stones, footsteps on the surface of the earth, breath, heartbeat.

Feeling the power, the age, the energy, the laws of nature.

Challenge steep paths, long ways, 100th and 100th meters up and down, unsure weather, cold wind-water, shorter days, again and again warnings from people because of the way – getting unsure about the way, figuring out where fears are coming from – inside or outside, managing closeness of being two, looking deep if arising doubts and questioning are mine or from people around, staying in touch with the inner knowledge about what we are doing and our intentions, trust in it even when we are questioned

 Our Task stay in peace, stay in the moment, stay with ourselves, ask our hearts again and again, listen deep to it, trust in ourselves, understanding people and their warnings and fears

People first day a monk touches our heart, so warm hearted, so good eyes, bringing deep peace to me. Two positive, full of happy life, laughing shepherds giving us shelter. A young man in the cabana who touches us with his open nature, his search for new ways, his open sharing about his troubles. A womanhost who smiles finally two us after two days when we say thank you and hug her. Our host Corina with the rough outside and the big heart – bitter sweet and so honest- who questions especially me sooo hard – bringing tears to my and her own eyes, showing in the end just her topics and fears. Mother and son from Argentina bringing energetic beautiful waves. A German couple who is an example for me for a relationship, how to be attentive, tender and loving to each other. A Romanian man who is deeply touched from our journey, whoms‘ spirit make me smile inside and fulfills me with joy.

 Resumee Gratitude! A growing deep love and connection to nature and mountains. Experiencing one more time how less we really need to live but how difficult it is to resist all the temptations around (back in the civilisation;) Wonderful new impulses out of the silent beauty, for walking in the moment and managing myself in grouplife. Feeling how much strength and energy I have inside of me.


Looooove Magdalena

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