Kitchen for the poor in Romania/Hatey

Dear friends:


Kitchen for the poor in Hatey Romania, can you help


In Romania one friend is in trouble. We met him last year on our peace walk in Romania in Hatey

His name is Lucian, 16, (Iuhasz Lucian)

and he wrote me some days ago, that he is hungry and he and his family (father died last year, 5-7 brothers and sisters) has no food, or very little, asking for money. We were sponsering him and his family already several time and we are also still looking for a person, which like to sponser him monthly. But this time I can’t and I don’t wont.


After some chat here on facebook, he liked the idea very much, to initiate a „Kitchen for the poor“ and helping even other people in the same situation.

So we also worked on the idea a little, whom to ask, how to get sponsors or donations from.


I ask you to incourage him with this idea. Please connect with him at


With thanks


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