Romania – a collection of thoughts and impressions part 2

Free days are flowing away and it is so important just to be and stroll around too. Buuuuut I want to write some more of what has happend. I try to put the word so together that you will have a picture of what I saw and felt, painting a picture with words:)

So we entered the Carpats, the real high mountains after Petrila, climbing up steep hills, crossing first forests of beech trees, that change into needle trees and the nearer we come to the top the less trees around. In between are meadows, small wooden huts, stones and a stunning and breathtaking view is offered to us. Changing with every meter we go up, mountain line after mountain line, as far as the eye can see. The first day we are accompanied by an old Shepard who is helping us to find the way, guiding angel who pushes us up the hill. The higher we get the more intense gets the silence, the clearer the air, the more comes this special mountain feeling – being over the world, far away from busy life. Kind of holy feeling. Up to 2000 meters, it is exhausting, the breath is loud in my head, slowly, step by step it goes – but what a wonderful feeling. The mountains are wonderful supporters to be in the present moment, to feel connected to nature, to wild, to this big energy. And on this first big mountain Thomas tells me that I made by now 1000 kilometres with the group, woooooooow:)

My feet walked more than 1000 kilometres on mother earth. On top of this first really high mountain I am overcome by a  kind of a holly feeling and their I tone the first time just me, for Thomas and our group and for the development of our group and our finding ways to and for peace. It is singing out of me, I do not really know where it comes from but it wants out and it is good.

After a night in a cabana, the next morning starts at a wonderful mountain lake, a place where I feel elements meet. The water of the lake, the fresh air, the warmth of the sun, the trees on the earth – purity, silence and clearness. Since we are just three, there is a new deep feeling of calmness in me, not all the time but very intense when it is there. It is gooood to be in contact with it.

To be in contact, my topic since some days and it seems to be for a long time. I could call it one of my little „enlightments“ I have from time to time, when something, my head knows already is just going down to my heart. So I realized that I often do not really feel the connection to people around me or to a situation, if there is no concrete communication like talking or looking or touching. But before I can get really in contact with others I have to learn to be in contact with myself in the present moment. Remembering me again and again what is right now around me, how rich every moment of life is. Coming back to this moments and feel myself in it and than feel what is around, getting sensible.

Peace. Peacestepps…what are we doing for Peace, what do I do for Peace…not forgetting what I or We walk for, with all this work on ourselves and our group. For sure it is a part of the Peacework, but sometimes it seems we are loosing the focus a bit. So we just had a look again in what way we are walking for Peace, what are our small stepps.

So I feel for me that a big step is to really work with my thoughts, to be aware of them, to change the bad ones, the judging ones, the ones full of expectations, the ones that make myself feel small, the unloving ones, the confused ones. Recognize them and make them more and more positive. Positive thoughts are radiating.

Appreciating what is around, appreciating nature and all the wonders we walk through and with, appreciating every help and support we get, every bed, every meal. Getting a feeling how we can give people an idea what is our intention – because for much of them it is in the first moment just like a big, extraordinar, adventure trip we are doing…

And I feel it is really really good to have a special topic for the day to walk for, for the men, for the women, for being connected, for more understanding of each other, for opening my mind – to see that with no trouble I have I am alone…

Haccch, it is so wonderful to be here, to see all this wonderful places, to meet so much people, to learn so much about myself, to move move move, to feel alive, to understand more, to get to know the people who are with me better and better, to feel that everything is connected, to feel my heart beating, beating for life, beating for people, beating for me, beating for love, beating for what I am doing…

It is impossible to tell you all what I would like, so much more, the night outside in the mountains with the Shepards, sharings, meditation experiences…but it was a glimpse, a glimpse in this wonderful project I have the honour to be part of. The mountains are waiting for us…

I wish you wonderful days, full of awareness, happiness, connection, laughter and a positive point of view on live, because it is always up to you from which side we look to what is…and there is always the good side:)

Big hug and heartbeats                Magdalena:)

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